Revealed: The Best Rugs Of 2018

Why do we need rugs at home? Well, firstly because they keep the floor clean and undiminished but the bigger reason is that they also make your house or room looks more rich and lively. There are many different kinds of rugs made for specific room areas. I’m going to show you the best of them:

Safavieh Montauk collection

This collection is hand woven with premium cotton. Hence, it is durable as well as soft. Mostly available in four neutral colors and different sizes, it can fit any space and can pretty much match any interior design or décor. It has a diamond shaped pattern on it which adds a bit of subtle texture to the space. These are very much affordable and can be used for high traffic areas as well. These pink rugs Australia don’t readily absorb stains or water so you don’t have to worry about stains. They can match any hallway, entryways or kitchen areas.

NuLOOM Moroccan Grey Blythe Rug

These have detailed intricate designs on them and pretty much have the same properties as the flat weave rugs. These are very much comfortable, skin friendly rugs which have been used widely all over the globe. It is made of 100% polypropylene and hence is highly stain resistant. Available in different sizes and designs, these are budget friendly. If you want to add a dash of classical intricate designs to your floors, then go ahead with this collection.

California shag collection

If you prefer comfort over pump and show than this one is for you. It is super soft, durable, and warm to the feel and cushion your entire flooring. Polypropylene fibers are used to add more strength and the 2 inch pile height provides lux and sink in feeling. Available in 20 different and vibrant colors, these are sold in 21 different sizes to match any space.

Kilim dwell studio collection

These natural rugs are flat woven, tapestry styled carpets made of 100% wool. Originally these were used for traditional purposes such as prayer rugs and impersonal decoration. Now, after a lot experiments, they have embraced a bohemian style home decors and hence look extremely beautiful and delicate. As they are tightly woven or threaded, they are incredibly long lasting and durable. They also have high resilience towards stains, dirt and can handle every day’s wear and tear.  If you want to employ them as cushion, then you will have to use a slip-less pad or a thicker rug under it because Kilim rugs are flat weave. These are easy to clean and handle.