What You Should Watch Out For When Buying Floral Gifts?

Are you buying flowers? Then look no further, for here are some helpful tips to follow when buying flowers for any occasion! 

Inspect the flowers you are going to buy – when at the flower shop, the first thing you ought to do is inspect the flowers. You want the freshest flowers available to make sure they last longer. Blackened ends on petals of a flower are an indication that it is close to wilting, whereas brown spots indicate that the flower’s stem was not cut properly. The next point to focus on is the wetness of the stem – if it is dry, then this basically means that the flower has not been sitting in water (and by extension, it was not preserved properly, and will wilt quickly).

  • Go for the flowers that have not yet bloomed – generally, you want flowers Melbourne that last, and the best way to achieve that is by purchasing flowers that have not yet bloomed. Tightly closed bulbs indicate not only that the flower was freshly cut, but also that it has a longer life span. Conversely, fully bloomed flowers only have their end awaiting and have a shorter life span thus. However, this is an exception in the case of same day delivery flowers – you will be needing flowers that have already bloomed in this instance, rather than flowers which will last longer.
    • Buy flowers that are in season – different flowers blossom best in different seasons. Picking flowers that are in seasons is not only economically viable, but it also guarantees you ending up with flowers that look their very best. Flowers that are in season will be comparatively much cheaper than the other varieties because of their relative abundance, and they will also look much more spending than during off-season.
      • Go in with an open mind – when visiting the florist, having an open mind ready to buy any flower is generally a good idea. You can never be sure of the state of the flowers at the shop, and by fixating yourself on a particular type or colour, you will quite easily be disappointed. Instead, go in with an open mind and purchase the flowers that look the freshest.
        • Use the preservatives the florist gives you – most florists will hand you a packet of preservatives with your purchase. Make sure to use this – it will ensure that your flowers remain in full bloom for longer. Along with making sure to regularly change the water of the vase (and to wash the vase itself), this will allow you to keep your flowers for a number of days.