Things You Need To Know About Great Barrier Reef Trips

As per UNESCO in 1981, there are 7 natural wonders of the world and The Great Barrier Reef is one of those wonders you should never miss! In fact, it is one of the most unique nature phenomena in the world. For the same reason, tourists flock to this place from all over the world. Do you know the fact that it is the only living organism that can be seen from the space? This single structure is full of living organisms. If you are wondering about the size of this phenomenon, then it is spread over 340,000 square kilometers! And you will not believe the total length of the reef – 2,500 kilometer! It covers the Queensland coastline like a precious necklace! It goes from Bundaberg to the tip of Cape York. You will find more than 900 islands and 2900 individual reefs which are full of amazing marine animals and plants.

The never ending world of magic

Yes, that is exactly what it is! It is the home of billions of marine creatures. You will see magic wherever you look. And you will never want to return from there once you visit The Great Barrier Reef. The colors and the beauty will be totally spellbinding to the visitors. You will find both small and big marine creatures there. Coral polyp is an example of a small creature. And they come together to create a colorful visual that you want to see forever! Not just that, you will find a large variety of fish as well. There are other sea creatures as well that will make your day. The ecosystem is nothing but the magic of the god! You will find sponges and corals also. You will come across dolphins, fishes, stingrays, sea cow, turtles, seahorses and what not. All the bird watchers flock to The Great Barrier Reef as this is the ideal place for it. You will come across 200 types of birds here. If you are a lover of birds, then this is like icing on the cake. You will come across hermit crab shells, which will leave you spellbound.

Great Barrier Reef trips

Every year, more than 2 million visitors visit the Great Reef. For the same reason, it will never be difficult to find the Great Barrier Reef trips. The Marine Park Authority is what overseas these trips. They make sure that the activities undertaken here are safe for the participants. And it is their duty to make sure that reefs are protected in such vast tourist activity in the region. We love to wear sea shell necklaces. So, can anybody imagine what it feels to see it in their real ecosystem?


If you ever get a chance to visit the reefs, then you should consider yourself lucky! It is one of the international acclaimed destinations in the world. What are you waiting for? Head to the reefs as soon as possible