Pros And Cons Of Laptops

Laptops are great devices. It is one of the most popular devices we can work on. Compared to desktops there’s a plethora of advantages of using the laptop. Since the laptops were introduce to the world, it became the most popular computer with sales surpassing desktops. Today there are many different models of laptop. Similarly, there are many manufacturers of laptops. Laptops are made to fit every budget. Anyone can easily get a laptop. There are certain disadvantages of using the laptop as well. Here’s a list of Pros and cons of the laptop

ProsThe biggest advantage a laptop has is its portability. That is also the main feature of the laptop. And that’s what it was designed for. Because the laptop is portable, you can take it with you anywhere. You could take it home, to your office and even use it while travelling. This wasn’t possible with desktops as they are made for tables and not for moving. Laptops are also mostly lightweight which means it can be easily carried around. Further, just because it’s portable doesn’t mean it less capable than a desktop. All features such as fiber optic cable splitter to connect different devices and so on.

Small sizeLaptops come in various sizes. No matter how big a laptop is, it will always be smaller than a desktop computer. This news it is lighter and doesn’t take too much of effort to move it. You can get a laptop that fits most sizes. Laptops are designed by their screen size and there are laptops from 7 inches to 21 inches to choose from. Ultrabook’s are a type of laptops that are even smaller than a general laptop.

ConsBattery lifeLaptop computers have to rely on battery life when it’s not plugged to an outlet. Even though some laptops have long battery life, most only last a few hours. The more powerful the laptop is, the more power it draws, therefore, this battery life may not be enough for most people. People who travel a lot may find it difficult to work with the limited battery endurance. Another reason battery life is affected is due to latest technology such as pci card and new and faster storage can use more power.

PowerLaptops are not as powerful as their desktop counterparts. Due to this, purchasing a desktop with the same specs as a desktop doesn’t mean the performance will be equal because the desktop would easily beat the laptop. This is because the desktop has a constant power supply and can take a higher voltage compared to a laptop, thereby, making the desktop more powerful.optical-transceivers

How To Decorate Your First Apartment

Your graduation from college and your first job may seem like significant steps towards adulthood but for many the true sign is when you sign papers for your very own apartment. Moving to your first place after collage is a big deal as for many it would be the first time they would be living alone without parents or roommates. Thus, it would offer one the chance to style it according to their personality and personal style. However, as many would be apprehensive about embarking such a task the following article provides some guidelines for one to be aware of before they begin to make the place their own.

Be thrifty

We all understand that this apartment comes at a very high price therefore many would not have the budget to decorate your apartment to depict those in Architectural Digest. Thus, one should not attempt to fill it up within the first week itself. Once, you purchase the few things that you need right away you can plan to spend your weekends perusing in a reliable mattress online, local thrift shores, flea markets and even craig list to find items that won’t cost a fortune.


The first thing that one should be aware of when purchasing furniture is to not think long term as this is your first adult apartment, the person you are now would not be the person you are going to be forever, thus you taste may change. Furthermore, one should note that even the atrocious flea market buys possess the potential to be beautiful with just a fresh coat of paint. Thus, one should not simply disregard items if you have a flare for DIY. However, one piece of furniture that every individual should be willing to invest on is a bed because as you would no longer be sharing a dorm room thus, you can finally splurge on that gorgeous king size memory foam mattress which makes you feel like you’re floating on clouds.


You do not have to necessarily purchase expensive items to give your apartment that much- needed splash of color instead you can opt to paint the walls with a fresh coat of paint or even hang sheet curtains to soften the rooms. Furthermore, lighting is another important feature that possesses the power to create the perfect ambiance thus, one can invest in a few floor and table lamps to bathe your apartment in soft lighting.

Transitioning from dorm life to an adult housing does not necessarily have to be overwhelming or expensive. By reading the aforementioned guidelines one can now proceed to spend the money smartly and express your personal style through your first adult apartment.